Friday, November 12, 2010

win the cotton ink 2nd anniversary giveaway

Hey, ice cream lovers! Did you know about this news? 
Maybe it's well-known and all of you got this, but maybe I will announce you about the second anniversary of COTTON INK and they would like to make a writing (review) contest for Indonesian Bloggers!

So, the lucky 3 winners will get their favorite cotton ink item based on what you want to choose!! Interesting?

CLICK HERE for more info ;-)

the winners

Hi, there! This are the winners of my giveaway. I have randomized them by random, so here are the winners of :

1. Bridget cotton necklace


2. Jilly satin headband
Sherlyn Lavenia

Term and conditions :

1. I' will email you about the prize (my email : icecreamyworld[at] and please respond it min. 1 month after I post this ^-^

2. If you haven't get my email within 2 weeks, please contact me through email :

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

necklaces and pendant

Hi, ice cream lovers :)
Since long time haven't post about this, today, it's gonna be a lovable. I mean, for those who like fashion items and though that it's a great thing, it such a great offer too, did you know?

So, I've browsed for a necklace and I found a great websites called  .They have many things with glam, but cute.
This is it ! 

My favorite necklaces and pendant is :

Exactly, I want to tell you MORE about that. There are other cute necklaces there to share. But, it's can't be summarize on this. Want to know the other cute necklaces and pendants? CLICK HERE

FYI, overstock have a special offer for all of you.
You can get discount 10% off for ALL PRODUCTS
with code ?121728?
For gadget free shipping with code 202234

Happy shopping all! ^-^

p.s : All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code. 


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tokyobunnie kawaii giveaway

Have you ever heard modes4u ?
It's an online shop which sells alot of kawaii things, such as : re-ment, stationery, bento box, notes, bag, and even FASHION ITEMS!!
Their products are interesting with kawaii cartoon and they are always have great giveaways for all of you.


Join tokyobunnie's giveaway and win Modes4u kawaii package!! Modes4u offer you some stuffs which is funny, lovely, and pretty cute.

You can with this kawaii things:
1) pink piggy bento box
2) matryoshka letter set
3) surprise Hello Kitty Re-Ment candy
4) bear fork set
5) Japanese pencil

Enter this now HERE

Giveaway ends November 15th at midnight, PST.
Open internationally

So,what are you waiting for? Don't miss it :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

what is nefertiti jewelz?

You know nefertiti jewelz? They are Indonesian local brand with specialized in accessories. There are a lot of things fresh and unique. I love it! Like their necklace, their headband, and so forth. So this gonna be a perfect thing ever!

They have some vintage and urban touch. Like this necklace below, they called effortlessly stylish and reasonable price. Their fashion trends are wonderful by fringes. They became popular until now with their amazing collections like this :

 and their greatest things are their necklace! Absolutely unusual. 

Great shop? Yes! They even have delivery service, so let's comfortable shopping~

Now, this shop will make their brand new label called Goddess.It's Stylish & Comfortable All Day Wear concept which is influenced by Grecian mythology with fringe details and shredded. So, being fashionable in everyday is so.. impossible. They also have some great offers for YOU ;D

Visit their store HERE
Or follow their twitter HERE

small notes:
Still interesting everyone?
Now you can get Bridget cotton necklace for FREE or Jilly satin headband for FREE by CLICK HERE


modes4u giveaway

Hi, everyone. Let's join modes4u giveaway. They're such kawaii online shop and because now they have 10000 facebook fans so they make a huge giveaway. They will give you 30 prizes!

They are...

 That's kawaii and interesting!
Join their giveaway HERE

Ends 10/25

Saturday, October 9, 2010

something in nude

Hi, since long time hiatus, I'm back!
It's an outstanding weather for today, isn't it?

nude stripes top, m n' c| white dress, mum | denim trousers, ninety degrees | white heels, monpari
Hi :)
I've checked for awhile my favorite fashion blog the versicle that all of you can win a pair of boots from whooga boots by just subscribe your email for newsletter!! Woow. . . 

Just click HERE

Monday, October 4, 2010

feminine and semi-gothic

This is gonna rock for today!

courtesy of HERE

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ECLECTICA by Tara Amelz

There are something which always interesting for my soul. It's totally great and it's eye-catching with a great ethnic and colorful shades. Wooah.. That'a a totally great way of unique. . What is it? ECLECTICA by Tara Amelz collections are very awesome!

It's awesome with laces

 Then, you can see how amazing this with colorful wools. . It's also fashionable with braids, layers, and more. ..

photo doc. ECLECTICA by Tara Amelz

See? Even batik is so wonderful made by Tara Amelz and how amazing this! You can check their store at HERE

You can join my giveaway and win Nefertiti Jewels necklace here 

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

necklace giveaway

Hola! I really happy for today post. I don't know why, it seem so happy to give you giveaways and that's awesome, right? And I try to give something neutral. Just thinking that it's matchable and lovely :)

For anyone who's waiting for this, I really sorry. It's such a wasting time for waiting until today. I've promised since few months ago and I want to make it today. I also have a question in mandatory entry. "What is your favorite Canon EOS camera type?" Well, I can say I will save my money to have the camera :) and I need advices.

So, let's see what can you win :
Nefertiti Jewelz accessories!!

First winner will win Bridget cotton necklace

And the second winner will get a Jilly satin headband as your own choose

And just a simple way to join (it's mandatory):

 1. Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin  

2. Tell me what's your favorite Canon EOS camera type (by comment)

3. Fill your identity below:
Extra entries (leave your comment):
1. Tweet about this giveaway with hastag #icecreamyworldgift (give me your tweet link)- 1 extra entry/tweet

2. Follow my twitter @caramel_manda -2 extra entries

. it's open for Indonesia Region only
. it closed on November 10th 12.00 p.m GMT +8 (WITA) and the winner will announce on November 15th
. 2 winners will chosen by RANDOM
. If you're the winner, please respond my email within 1 month :)

Any questions? Email me : icecreamyworld[at]

Wish you luck :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

blue odette

Lovely fashion inspiration for today! What is it become?
And I wish I can have a dress like that. Next post gonna make a giveaway! Yay!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

something lovely from modes4u

 Hi! I want to share you a giveaway from Sweet Tidings and modes4u

You know modes4u?

They sell a lot of cute stuffs, like this :

Or this : 

So cute isn't it?

And, the most favorite things is you can get freebies from them

 Gonna make your days cheerful and lovely :)

Then, you can get them (all of it) in one way by CLICK HERE

Wish you luck everyone ^_^v
Closed on October 10th, 2010

blue flat shoes

Hi! I'm blowing right now. Because of this shoes. . So chic, feminine, lovely, cross my heart, and . . . . my favorite!!

I found this shoes from my mum's shoe case. I'm a paparazzi now. And I really happy. She said that she got it for only less than $7. Smart shopper, huh? Nope. I asked her, "Where you buy this, mum?"

She said,"I forgot!!"

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