Friday, April 30, 2010

baby blue

Baby Blue!!

Well, I have recruited my brand new "mascot". You can said she is passing my standart, so I decided to hire her this job.

From now, she will be in most of pictures.

Want to know her??

She is:

standing in front of flower with chubby face. Her fur is blue (her special).

when you looked her behind, she just like nut or Pororo the little penguin. .

Baby Blue is glad to accompany me for study. .

She is not single!! She had a boyfriend named Kerop-Keroppi (Kerop) . I ever been a papparazi to take this pic. 

a storical of baby blue

One day, there was a baby monkey. She had blue fur, so everyone called her baby blue. Everyone knew her, but no one knows that she was afraid of night. . She never sleep at night, so tonight she decided to pray and she wished for a sleeping friend.

When she woke up, she walked around the town. After that, she went home and found a Big BANANA!! Baby blue was shocked! She couldn't eat it by herself. But, she remember something. .

She had a sleeping friend till' now. .

She wasn't alone anymore and she could sleep nicely. .

-The End-

sillilicious pussy

Pussy?! Who is it?
It's my long-silly-cat with soft black and white fur. She is cute and nice (not all moments).
But, she is very-very notty and silly!! -_-"
These are her craziness :

-She will run as fast as lion & make sound when you're sleeping at night

-She will eat a tin of sardine and drink a plate of cat milk a day (poor me!)

-She will become spoiled cat when she wanted something from you or need your protection.

-She likes to play and catch lizard and dragon fly. She even made the insects died.

-When she became crazy, she wouldn't afraid of fighting with older cat >.< --->pussy?! Damn!

Exactly, my sister was taking Pussy out into open space (but, Pussy can't be wild cat=>even she cannot became house cat), so when my sister met Pussy a week after. . .,


I know you still wanna see her pics. .

This is! Ala Pussy. .

Wake up

Warm hugging

Pussy said,"I am hungry!!"

Have you ever met a cat with a dream to be Narnian Princess??? She is!

When everyone said,"It's just a cat, this cat will show you she is understand of technology. ."

And when she got nightmare she will sleep with Papa!(my sist's BF)

So sweet. . .
wanna see Pussy's other pics?? Click Here

Thursday, April 29, 2010

falls collection

Fall Ready to Wear Dolce and Gabbana is inspired the windy day with cool outfits..
falls collection makes a big  big evolution !!

I never said,"No" for this coz of what?! Look at these! Black oversized boots, brown coat, cream short n' scarf!!

When you across a place in mall (with streetstyle camera person), you will be very outstanding. . .

see more :  for other collections. .^.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

duck boat in first time

I know activities in weekdays make me and dad was busy..

I realized this time I n' dad must try a brand new activity or something new...

So, on 07.00 a.m. after I accompanied my brother, I and dad made a decision to go to Anjungan of Losari Beach.

And.... This are the pictures of that place..

this is

This place is where I saw a lot of jellyfish. They were swimming softly and I knew water can give calm and peacefull effect. I can feel the windy weather....(calm sense)

This is parking area and also place for greenization by planting trees and there were 2 kind of rubbish bin ( organic and unorganic). Nice sense I think...

It's sclupture of (I think) boat flag. The story is long long time ago, Makassar people were working on the sea... It's giving historical of Makassar...

I never tired to try something new, just like riding duck boat. After 5 minutes of bargaining ( Rp 40.000), I can go rode it and with dad...


My picture and let me show my pink ribbon headscarf.. It's make me feel very comfort and calmcoz' of sunshine isn't hot and the atmosphere is windy..

This is me and dad..

I am so happy that time with dad n' I hope I can see Makassar's archipelagos by this boat with my whole family...

My sleeping daddy face...

I think he will sleep with nice atmosphere... N last night he wasn't enough sleep...

Hoho... And there is a person there.. He is a boat driver.He control all the machines.

story continue...
I met a foreign person. He was a fisherman from Germany and he lived on the sea with his ship. Unbelievable!
He lives on the ship...

This is me with him..

This is my father and the fisherman..

That day is so wonderful (alhamdulillah)...
N I hope,... I can go there again. .

all pictures taken by : Creamy -SE K770i-

Friday, April 23, 2010

pastellicious. . I think you should to try

Today, I found some looks from Dolce&Gabbana Fall 2010 Ready-to-wear. .
Seems like simple, but COOL effect is given!!
It's giving a good look and I wish I can be there and can see the live fashion show. It's suitable for you when you went to mall, or everytime you think you are chic with this style. I think, you're so beauty for you who doesn't like fashion experiment. .
I know there are a lot of pastel items out there. .

Check it out so you can inspired for mix n' matching your total look. .

She is Tatyana Usova. Designers were saying that this party dresses inspired by orchids for early summer; D&G classics with a new style and volume for our new markets, like Japan; and gray everyday clothes.

I think, this style is giving you special outfits by the green skirt. You know, you just need metallic fabric or cotton fabric to make your own. Just talk with your trusted tailor and she/he will make it suitable with your size. . For top, gray everyday clothes can be sew and the material is gray cotton fabric. You can wear this even in cafe, mall, or hangout with friends. .

Handy bag is giving glamour and mature acsent. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from bad-sun-shine (UV) in afternoon. High heels will giving you special touch, I guess. So, there are 3 common accessories for your unusual style. .

She is Olga Serova. .

Never say no with this type of pastel style. You just need cream coat and yellow-metallic-dress. .

Seem, you can have the yellow metallic dress too. . .
You just need yellow metallic fabric and cream metallic waistband. Simple, right? Your dress is not just for dance party or prom party. Can be use for your daily or weekend. .

Simple flat shoes with grey color is not so hard to find. So, there are three items for your head-to-toe that will make your Pastellicious day become fun and shining, of course.

It is! Anna Barsukova.

Her soft green dress is mixed with fog green wristband. You can have this item with green chiffon fabric. Make it with few oversized in arm spot. As inner outfit, white long tanktop can cover your body when you wear green dress. High heels (3-4 is enough) will giving glam total look.

You know? I like pastel!!
Coz' pastel will bring you into pastellicious day with eye-catching look. .

*Try it and mix and matching it. . .:)*

all pictures are from

harajuku is rockin' u

Harajuku is one of colorfull style. Why I said that? Look at this! Is it colorfull pic? I think it is. . Why this style is so special and it’s booming ’till global magazine? The reason is this style always serve an uniqueness and very unusual look for anyone. . .
This style is booming but I think it’s not as extreme as Japan. In Japan, we can express our every style. Just like this lady below. She wear an unique outfits and it’s make her pic is well-known in internet or GOOGLE. Because of what? In Stasiun JR Harajuku or Distrik Shibuya there are a lot of fashion camera person or fashion reporter. And they always wait for youth creativity in fashion.
Look at the lady pic! She make her hair wavy and give red big ribbon on her tidy hair. She also use hairpin with red and purple color. As well as I see, her hair is usual, rite? But she makes it wavy and give ribbon attach on it. She give oranye fake hair to give excentrick mode.
On both of her outfit sleeves, she give rainbow color (rainbow-taste is so working well). With black (netraller) color and mix with fun color of her outfits motifs, she makes all eyes turn to her. Why? Coz’ we all love rainbow. Is it, rite? Not just that. Her oversized star necklace give hip hop scheme. She wear a lot of accessories, such as : unique bracelet, colorfull rings, and her total look is AWESOME!!

Diffrent with this girl. She has more simple n’ humble scheme. But, her style can be used for daily activities. She mix pastel t-shirt to give simple acsent. But her pink lace skirt is inspirising from ballerines. Colorful stocking with 4 colors makes her totally good in fashion taste. She is smart of accessories that she used. She wear pastel accessories, like : her dark pink hair accessories, pink soft pearl necklace, and fabric bracelet with same color. ROCKIN’ her always!!

Now, you can be the light by this two style. . So ice cream flavour!!

monochrome. . like it???

Monochrome style is style with shade of one color only and usually frumpish

I really released that monochrome is one of my style. Seem so simple, rite? With black and white or other un-so-eye-catching color. It is a kinda fun for mix and match like these :


I love this simple dress. With black and white metallic fabric and classic necklace which so gorgeous in prom party, night party, or everyparty that makes you feel sexy with it. .


Taylor Swift! With white fedora hat and messy outfit, still unique style for blonde and so monochroming her and you too if you wanna try this outrageous style. . .


Wow. . So fabulous and luv her shoes so much. . It’s kinda country monochrome with denim jacket, white tanktop, black short, and black boots. She mix it up with outstanding furry bag. .


Loose tank and black skirt is so hip for you in every condition. As accessories, black simple bracelet and black and white sunglasses can support your head-to-toe these day. . FYI, not just for indoor activities, but outdoor activities also like this pic.

DIY accessories?! Well catching!

I really-really cannot live without my favourite accessories, such as : my favourite traditional bracelet or my large headscarf with pink ribbon. I usually shop accessories no matter when and where if I want it. So a bad spender, hehe…

In this post, I like to show you, guys some accessories that can support your style. The good side, you can make it by yourselves. You just need creativity, fashion eyes, and inspiration. .

Here are the rainbow sparkling potion. .


Ethnic tank top!! I like it so much and you just need needle, untick string, manikin, and unique ribbon. Sew your manikins into your frumpish tank top and sew the unique ribbon into your tank top. it will be unusual outfit your you. .


I think, everyone can make it as easy as they could. You just need marker with every color that you want and paint it on your frumpish sunglasses. Use all your creativity as much as you can. It will give disco-o-rama time just only for you!


You need around 30 cm small chain, cutter, special glue, and your old sunglasses (you must cut the handlebars). Dock the chain and your old sunglasses with glue (special glue to stick on iron). Voila!


If you have pink or whatever color of your unuseable towel (must be clean towel), you just need a towel, a needle, a scissor, a roll string which has same color with your towel, and ribbon also button as decoration. Cut the towel with scissor with size 20 cm x 30 cm for front and back, the tick is 7 cm, sew the towel with needle, string and scissor with feston scheme. Don’t forget to make 2 handlebags that will be sewed. The last, add decoration as what you want.

Wanna make your own creation? Let’s try!

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