Thursday, May 27, 2010

a day with joyfull. .

Never I think that I am a casual sporty lovers. Simple, fun, and more. . 

T-shirt : stripe clothes 
White jeans : jojo
Jacket : AUREL 

And guess what?? Storical of baby blue is now on!! See ya. . .

Storical of Baby Blue : Got a Prize 

One day, Baby blue had nothing to do. All her jobs were done. So, she asked me what must she do?? I asked her back, "Want to play a game???"

She had a same think with me. She agreed and she give me a surprise thing!
Baby Blue said, " Maybe it's not too useful, but maybe we can use it to play. . She came to me by rolling something. A cookies box!! 
So, do you like our new dice. . Look at the pics!! Just like dice, right??

So,we're bet. . If someone loose, she must gave a prize to the winner. What a game!!
And. . The winner is Baby Blue!! This is here prize, hoho... My masterpiece (well, I like my drawing)


Giveawayssss!!! Want you. . .? This is organized by Glisters and Blisters and also the prizes are :

a pair of colored tights of your choice courtesy of We Love Colors !

It closed on June 6th, so hurry!!

click HERE 


Giveaway organized from storyofmylifesquared

The prizes are awesome!!

A package of this!! WOW!!

Hurry coz' it closed on June 16th, 2010

Click HERE

Also I wanna commented about an online clothing shop : de.cada.dia offical blogstore by bethanny putri supriadi Just wanna tell you about her newest collection!!

 It's her clothes collections

Dark life for me. . Look at that. . It's so cool with even dark season. Fo party exactly coz' the color will rocking you coz' it's unusual and glam too. .


Nude attack!! Making your pastel and monochrome total look is awesome !! And if you want to know, for me, those outfits are still glaming you!!

p/s : the owner of this shop really want to know about your comment or review about her newest collection!! She really grateful if you want to join her giveaway quiz. .

The winner will get :


want you? Click HERE

Hurry!! contest will be closes by 29 may 2010 midnight 23.59 p.m (GMT+7)


Pixie Dust's giveaway. The prizes is :

You can get it seperately!! Cosmetics!!

I like and I luv all the prizes, haha. . (greedy me)

want to join? Click HERE

Wow!! I think this month is giveaway moment!! You even can join all the contest like me. .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

back to childhood

Fashion items must suitable with me. Yeah, what ever I do this mix and match never die. Spontaneous total look is so..... unbelievable!

denim monkey short : nevada
T-shirt : surfer girl
square legging:  unbranded
stripe socks : unbranded
blue sweater : unbranded 

Back to childhood is no matter :). .!!

I have joined into giveaways quiz. FYI, let's join too. . Hope we can win!!

Want it?? Click HERE

Wish you luck!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

sweetie sticker zone

Dear Ice Cream Lovers,

Nothing makes me crazy!! I just want to say that I love stickers... FYI, it's can be your signature style... Like me! You know? Nothing impossible. Even you just buy stickers with $0.25 each, you can be stylish. .

You just need stickers and creativity!!

Check it out. . ^_^


Feels like it is not just a fashion, but it's style..!

 Japan ribbon added with sticker!! So cool sticky!!

Close up! 

Total outfits of the day!

white T-shirt        : unbranded
white belt              : unbranded
millitary trousers : unbranded

 So, sticky is my lovely!! ^_^v

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

storical of baby blue : met the cute mimi

Have you ever think, you are loving someone and it's so unreplaceable for you??
I am not. . It still hardly saved in my super 'brain' memory. .
Just like Baby Blue. She loved Mimi 'till now, but Baby Blue must leave her . .

Let the story begin. .

Storical of Baby Blue : Met the Cute Mimi 

One day, Baby Blue went home after she walked around her town. She was happy 'coz she can met Kerop. When she arrived into her house, she got manequines. Baby Blue followed the manequines and she forgot that she have walked 2 miles from her house

Baby Blue was confused. The manequines stopped and Baby Blue found a pink tulip. The tulip can talk and Baby Blue is shocked!!

The tulip talk to Baby Blue and said, " You've met me. Tell me one of your wish. I will make it come true. ."

"Are you sure??? I want to have a friend who nice and kind and also cute like me," answered Baby Blue.

"Ok, if you just want it. You must walked around 2 miles again you will find a friend that you wished for. The key is your friend will answer your questions with just a word. ."

" Ok, thanks Mrs. Tulip!!"

Baby Blue walked and walked without tired. She walked even she was tired. And. . .

She met a BIG CREATURE/ animal!!!!
Baby Blue was shocked and she ran and ran. But Baby Blue stumbled and it's hard for standing up. .

Unbelievable! The creature is a kitten. The kitten helped Baby Blue to stand up and even kissed her!!
 So sweet. .

Baby Blue asked her question," What is your name??"
The kitten said, "Meawww. ."

Baby Blue asked again," Are you alone?"
The kitten said, "Meawww. ." again.
The last questions, Baby Blue asked,"Want you to go with me?"
The kitten said,"Meawww. ." in the third times. 

And Baby Blue said," Thanks Mrs. Tulip!! This is my new friend!!"
So they are going home together. .
After want home, Baby asked me what name is suitable with this cat??
I said. .
Cute pics of Mimi :


But, when I didn't know, my father put back Mimi coz' Mimi likes wild life than in my house. I must let her because she is better with her mom and siblings. 

We're still love you Mimi. Even Baby Blue!!
-The end-

Friday, May 7, 2010

hair hair hair

Do you agree of important things in hair??
You know?

Even I like fashion, I will answer my question,"Not so. I just make my hair do as simple as what I want.  ."

You know?

I even said that I am not pro here. I just can mix n' match with my hairscarf. Not just that. I am do it unorganizely, hehe. .

I am


Seem so simple. 
Conclusion : I am not pro in hair. The End, hahaha. .

By: Creamy -SE K770i-

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