Friday, July 30, 2010

colorful corner

Hang out in weekend is one of girls must activity.. Same like me ^_^

And what do you think about this fashion aid? Include the duck, haha..
purple headband, Stroberi| colorful vest, cool teen| pink t-shirt, my mum | grey shorts, TANE| white belt, unbranded| black legging, my mum| white heels, monpari elegance|

Ok, and I want to tell you something that turned my simple day into awesome day!! Maybe....., what is that??
I'm featured in Teen Vogue's best dressed reader snapshot blog at HERE. Yay!! Check it out...
p/s : who can give me information about how to get snapshot badge? Thanks alot.
 and please score my latest contribution at hypeed by click this button please

notify: really sorry for those who score my hypeed but, I can't score you back :( because that night I wasn't feeling good (you know what I mean, right??)
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WIN Free teen vogue handbook

Maybe you will survey how much money to spend for buying a teen vogue handbook. Ok. +/- is $19.00 or you will borrow this stuff from your friend. And your friend will say this,

“How pity you’re. How shame you’re. How... How.. and How...” FINE. NO More “borrowing”! DONE. But then, you will think,”Yes, I’m shame, I’m pity, and I’m.......”cause I can’t read that book... HUA....*crying on*

Nope. You are not pity again. Not shame anymore. Not sadness else. And will happy again...

HOW??? With spending my pocket money for  A BOOK!! for A SPECIAL GUIDEBOOK to be fashionable??? Nope.  You must not to do that again..
 The awesome blogger Evita Nuh have a giveaway contest. And you can join it at HERE . . . You know what prize for this contest, right?

Closed on August 1st, 2010
 Hurry up coz I know you love this giveaway!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

a fun day

A fun day is beginning here....

beanie hat, unbranded| blue shirt, Tom and Jerry| t-shirt, Stripe Clothes | white shawl, Stroberi | orange skirt, unbranded | lip printed socks, Sox Galeri | denim flat shoes, Charles and Keith |
No matter what, I like today with this outfits!! Yay.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

soft casual

Once upon a time, I saw a duck doll ^_^ lifted by the owner
I took it and it's so damn funny. Damn cute. and really happy for that. .
Waiting and waiting for the owner, but no one took it so I decided to take it home..
Waiting and waiting, but no one took it and I decided to bring it home...
At home.

The duck doll's wearing a sunglasses?? haha.

sunglasses, unknown price,my mom's|
black bolero, Rp150.000,- (USD15), Wen You fashion|
T-shirt,Rp20.000,- (USD2), Stripe Clothes @ Matahari|
denim trousers, Rp219.900,-(USD2), Ninety Degrees @Matahari|
Shawl, Rp12.000,-(USD1.2), Stroberi 
Bangle, Rp +/- Rp 10.000,-(USD1), Stroberi
Handbag,+/- Rp250.000,-(USD25), Gosh|
open toe flat shoes, +/- Rp350.000,-(USD35), Charles and Keith

And I decided to make a banner!! Yay!

My other simple ways!!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

fab of cotton ink pre-fall collection 2010

Cotton Ink now release the Pre-Fall Collection. yay!!

And the collection begin.............

 glam collection

See it more at Lookbook

And the store Here

See them at brightspot market  July 9-11 2010, 11AM-11PM at  4th floor of Plaza Indonesia Extension

And be the there!!Contact for more : the twitter HERE  
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