Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I would like to say, "I love pattern!"
Yeah, I must realism that pattern is a thing that amazing, make your looks different, and kindly unique... I must tell you I love it since I got this dress in my mum's wardrobe!! :)

a day for pattern!

dress,my mum's | denim trousers, ninety degrees | white heels, monpari elegance | shoulder bag, mobile power |

And I would like to ask you, "What is your favorite pattern motives?"

 I love it anytime :)

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Friday, August 27, 2010


Whoops. . I must told you that this month I will post-less my photo shot. . Ok. The reason is. . "I'm still thinking of a view that it's typically natural. With natural scheme or anything for refreshing. And as what I said, I will posted about. . FASHION WORLD!!"

And I will show you Indonesian's fashion label (for your inspiration exactly) and you will know it's KLÉ

The style is casual, but edgy for total look and simply for wear.. Like this :

And see more their colections at HERE

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get a sweet things today

Hi, I want to tell you. I'm featured on Tongue In Chic Wearnesday and click HERE to see it more. .

I want to tell you what I got this day.

I got award from pensandlens and this is it!!

And she asked me questions for this and for those who get it must answer this. .
They are :
1. If your life were made into a movie, which actor/actress (from any era) would play you?

Exactly, I will be . . . Taylor Swift!! She's kind to anyone and she is a lovely one for me!!

2. What do you most enjoy about fashion blogging? 

I like to share, to ask, and I do this directly without thinking. So, let it become flowing water. And I do concern too even there are a looot of challenge, but I found who I am.

3.  What’s your favorite period of history?

When a Lady Diana made an influental way to dress up and she didn't afraid of her mother in law. She was dress up to date. Lol. 

4. Which fashion magazine(s) do you subscribe to?  

Teen Vogue!! It's a good forum too for finding fashion refference.

5. Celebrity dinner party: who would you invite? 

Hmm... Lady Gaga because of her unique fashion taste, Taylor Swift because of her vintage sense, Tavi Gevinson because of her amazing fashion blog, Alexander Wang because of his lovely collections, my blog readers, and my friends. . . :)

6. Which foreign country would you most like to visit? 

Japan and Aussie!! Japan has good view and culture. And I do like Aussie because of Kangaroo and I hope I can meet them. But, I like Indonesia to live. I found many challenges and socialism here. And my family is here. It's my home.

7. If money were no object, what would you buy?

An island in Dubai where I can take more photo shots for this blog :)

8. What inspires you?

My mum and all of things in my life.  

And this award given to:

Patricia from missypatricia
Sherlyn Lavenia from butterfly and me
Fika from Sweet Escape
Atikah from Breakfast with Tea
Riumni from Rainbows of Riumni
Intan from it's me
Becky from Try to be stylish

Really, I want to give it to all of bloggers, but I must give to -just- 10 bloggers. So, don't be sad if I didn't give it  to you because it's not depend on award, right?

Okay I have a great news for you!! You can win Samsung mobile from pensandlens (Gosh! I love it!!) for FREE by just clicking LIKE button in your facebook. Interesting? Click HERE
p.s: she has a bag too for the runner up!! Yippie!!


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Courtesy of United Bamboo

I have checked a fashion web www.style.com to see the latest fashion collection on Spring 2010 and here are my favorites :) :

Okay. For me, it's amazing total looks. Casual can make other form. For fabrics, I think it's comfortable enough with soft materials  and it's so to the point scheme. Some looks are balance with pastel colors and few full-motive items. For neutral colors (gray and black), it successfully bring old school era with boyish accent.

And that's my opinion. How about you?

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win tom bins for disney couture giveaway

Feels like it's an amazing giveaway. Want it? Just click HERE

So, what you are thinking about? Just click and win :)

It's open internationally
Closed on Wednesday 8th September by 11:oo PM BST time 

Friday, August 20, 2010

we call it independence in fashion

Independence day of Indonesia  was making me proud and I really happy. It's on August 17th, but I was going to search a pair of colorful shoes for this post (bad student. I should watch ceremonial of this event). Okay, I just thinking to continue our heroes struggle and I must..


uniform dress, sandro'e| tights, my mum's| sneakers, Bryan Mode|

And I must remember this quote, "There's no war today, but there are unlucky people out there. That's why you must STUDY.."

p/s: I got this colorful sneaker for just $6!!!

Last words, please score my hypeed contributions below :


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win free pair of tights from we love colors

Hi all,
Maybe you will say,"Is that real? FREE tights from we love colors???"

 I just can say YESS!!! You're right!! It's not hoax because I saw from their tweet (if you want to believe it more) at HERE

Do not think anything NOW because all you need is just click HERE 

Good luck :) :)

 p/s : Hurry guys!! Be the 20 lucky first (commentator) winners!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

outstanding weather

Maybe you will confuse with my post title. Yeah, outstanding weather is kinda just my own description. Finally, I found a way to dress comfortly in this unpredictable weather. It's just like how to do this ^-^

braids headband, Naughty| long shirt, Ninety Degrees| tank top, Nevada| denim trousers, Ninety Degrees| Shoes, Tracce|

 And I must snapped this two fashion item!!

Train necklace!! Is that girlie stuff? Just tell me by comments :)
This gray shoes is so comfort with soft material. . But it's my mum's, haha. . 

Ok, we're here. In my last words. I have contributed my picture at HYPEED and I hope you want to score it :) 

p/s : bad quality picture, isn't it?

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello, world! How are you? It's my early post. I feel that I want to hang out this day or sleep comfortly. . I just still thinking of a thing. Specially something. . Which cannot far from female's world. Shopping!! Really, window shopping is such a gorgeous thing in my life. Like when I went to accessories shop. I found cute necklaces, headbands, bracelets, cute rings, and more. . So inspiring! But, I must not be a shopaholic, so I will far from Confession of a Shopaholic. . 

But, I found that fashion is not just for dressing up. It's the way you dress. . And even I wasn't bought many accessories, I still can make this style!!

 scarf, my mum's| white dress, my mum's| cardigan, ninety degrees| tights, my mum's| wide belt, unbranded| shoes, La Mode|

But poor me, I can't name this style! Any idea?

Finally, I'm arrived in this last words of my post. 

Happy weekend  and fasting day all,
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Win FIORELLI shoulder bag

I thought that it's an unique bag. You too??? It's unusual and it's my mum's favorite color. So, I want to win this giveaway for my mum!!! Maybe you will thought that I posted too much giveaway collections, but trust me,"I want YOU to win this too. ." I knew it's a boringness to read my daily posts and I want to try something new :) and a good stuffs for ice cream lovers ^-^

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

win a cute t-shirt brom bored inc and review

Join this giveaway at HERE because the gift is so cutte...

It's held by

And FYI,

School will be starting up again before you know it. I'm actually not ready for it because I've absolutely enjoyed all the quality time I've been spending with the kids. But it's inevitable and it's time to start thinking about school supplies and essentials.

Along with Traci66, I am co-hosting a School Supplies and Essentials Event from August 16th to the 24th. It will showcase many products that are great to have for going back to school or during the school year. There will be many reviews and giveaways.

If you'd like to get five extra entries into each giveaway that goes on during the event, please add the School Supplies and Essentials Event button to your blog and leave a comment here on this post that you've done so. Traci66 will also have a special post where you can leave a comment and get extra entries on her giveaways.



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