Friday, April 30, 2010

baby blue

Baby Blue!!

Well, I have recruited my brand new "mascot". You can said she is passing my standart, so I decided to hire her this job.

From now, she will be in most of pictures.

Want to know her??

She is:

standing in front of flower with chubby face. Her fur is blue (her special).

when you looked her behind, she just like nut or Pororo the little penguin. .

Baby Blue is glad to accompany me for study. .

She is not single!! She had a boyfriend named Kerop-Keroppi (Kerop) . I ever been a papparazi to take this pic. 

a storical of baby blue

One day, there was a baby monkey. She had blue fur, so everyone called her baby blue. Everyone knew her, but no one knows that she was afraid of night. . She never sleep at night, so tonight she decided to pray and she wished for a sleeping friend.

When she woke up, she walked around the town. After that, she went home and found a Big BANANA!! Baby blue was shocked! She couldn't eat it by herself. But, she remember something. .

She had a sleeping friend till' now. .

She wasn't alone anymore and she could sleep nicely. .

-The End-

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beckyxoxo said...

Aww so cute :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

cute baby blue...
visit mine and
u can follow me???

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

so cute!

han q said...

nice story :D

oxox, djhanq
tell me i u've follow me so i can follow u back :)
tattoo freak

michelle_ said...

cutee !
many thanks for the sweet comments..

glisters and blisters

creamy said...

@all : thanks for your comments. . Baby blue glad to read your comments. ^_^

creamy said...

@all : wanna exchange link with me? Mail me : and I hope we can be friends..

Vinda Sonata said...

haiii. thanks udah mampir ke fashion atelier.
ok, kita exchange links yaa ^^
nanti aku add ke blogroll. thanks!

anyway, cute post! <3

sweetea said...

it's good

Anonymous said...

nice blog you got. check mine at

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