Friday, April 23, 2010

DIY accessories?! Well catching!

I really-really cannot live without my favourite accessories, such as : my favourite traditional bracelet or my large headscarf with pink ribbon. I usually shop accessories no matter when and where if I want it. So a bad spender, hehe…

In this post, I like to show you, guys some accessories that can support your style. The good side, you can make it by yourselves. You just need creativity, fashion eyes, and inspiration. .

Here are the rainbow sparkling potion. .


Ethnic tank top!! I like it so much and you just need needle, untick string, manikin, and unique ribbon. Sew your manikins into your frumpish tank top and sew the unique ribbon into your tank top. it will be unusual outfit your you. .


I think, everyone can make it as easy as they could. You just need marker with every color that you want and paint it on your frumpish sunglasses. Use all your creativity as much as you can. It will give disco-o-rama time just only for you!


You need around 30 cm small chain, cutter, special glue, and your old sunglasses (you must cut the handlebars). Dock the chain and your old sunglasses with glue (special glue to stick on iron). Voila!


If you have pink or whatever color of your unuseable towel (must be clean towel), you just need a towel, a needle, a scissor, a roll string which has same color with your towel, and ribbon also button as decoration. Cut the towel with scissor with size 20 cm x 30 cm for front and back, the tick is 7 cm, sew the towel with needle, string and scissor with feston scheme. Don’t forget to make 2 handlebags that will be sewed. The last, add decoration as what you want.

Wanna make your own creation? Let’s try!

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