Friday, April 23, 2010

harajuku is rockin' u

Harajuku is one of colorfull style. Why I said that? Look at this! Is it colorfull pic? I think it is. . Why this style is so special and it’s booming ’till global magazine? The reason is this style always serve an uniqueness and very unusual look for anyone. . .
This style is booming but I think it’s not as extreme as Japan. In Japan, we can express our every style. Just like this lady below. She wear an unique outfits and it’s make her pic is well-known in internet or GOOGLE. Because of what? In Stasiun JR Harajuku or Distrik Shibuya there are a lot of fashion camera person or fashion reporter. And they always wait for youth creativity in fashion.
Look at the lady pic! She make her hair wavy and give red big ribbon on her tidy hair. She also use hairpin with red and purple color. As well as I see, her hair is usual, rite? But she makes it wavy and give ribbon attach on it. She give oranye fake hair to give excentrick mode.
On both of her outfit sleeves, she give rainbow color (rainbow-taste is so working well). With black (netraller) color and mix with fun color of her outfits motifs, she makes all eyes turn to her. Why? Coz’ we all love rainbow. Is it, rite? Not just that. Her oversized star necklace give hip hop scheme. She wear a lot of accessories, such as : unique bracelet, colorfull rings, and her total look is AWESOME!!

Diffrent with this girl. She has more simple n’ humble scheme. But, her style can be used for daily activities. She mix pastel t-shirt to give simple acsent. But her pink lace skirt is inspirising from ballerines. Colorful stocking with 4 colors makes her totally good in fashion taste. She is smart of accessories that she used. She wear pastel accessories, like : her dark pink hair accessories, pink soft pearl necklace, and fabric bracelet with same color. ROCKIN’ her always!!

Now, you can be the light by this two style. . So ice cream flavour!!

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