Friday, April 23, 2010

monochrome. . like it???

Monochrome style is style with shade of one color only and usually frumpish

I really released that monochrome is one of my style. Seem so simple, rite? With black and white or other un-so-eye-catching color. It is a kinda fun for mix and match like these :


I love this simple dress. With black and white metallic fabric and classic necklace which so gorgeous in prom party, night party, or everyparty that makes you feel sexy with it. .


Taylor Swift! With white fedora hat and messy outfit, still unique style for blonde and so monochroming her and you too if you wanna try this outrageous style. . .


Wow. . So fabulous and luv her shoes so much. . It’s kinda country monochrome with denim jacket, white tanktop, black short, and black boots. She mix it up with outstanding furry bag. .


Loose tank and black skirt is so hip for you in every condition. As accessories, black simple bracelet and black and white sunglasses can support your head-to-toe these day. . FYI, not just for indoor activities, but outdoor activities also like this pic.

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