Friday, April 23, 2010

pastellicious. . I think you should to try

Today, I found some looks from Dolce&Gabbana Fall 2010 Ready-to-wear. .
Seems like simple, but COOL effect is given!!
It's giving a good look and I wish I can be there and can see the live fashion show. It's suitable for you when you went to mall, or everytime you think you are chic with this style. I think, you're so beauty for you who doesn't like fashion experiment. .
I know there are a lot of pastel items out there. .

Check it out so you can inspired for mix n' matching your total look. .

She is Tatyana Usova. Designers were saying that this party dresses inspired by orchids for early summer; D&G classics with a new style and volume for our new markets, like Japan; and gray everyday clothes.

I think, this style is giving you special outfits by the green skirt. You know, you just need metallic fabric or cotton fabric to make your own. Just talk with your trusted tailor and she/he will make it suitable with your size. . For top, gray everyday clothes can be sew and the material is gray cotton fabric. You can wear this even in cafe, mall, or hangout with friends. .

Handy bag is giving glamour and mature acsent. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from bad-sun-shine (UV) in afternoon. High heels will giving you special touch, I guess. So, there are 3 common accessories for your unusual style. .

She is Olga Serova. .

Never say no with this type of pastel style. You just need cream coat and yellow-metallic-dress. .

Seem, you can have the yellow metallic dress too. . .
You just need yellow metallic fabric and cream metallic waistband. Simple, right? Your dress is not just for dance party or prom party. Can be use for your daily or weekend. .

Simple flat shoes with grey color is not so hard to find. So, there are three items for your head-to-toe that will make your Pastellicious day become fun and shining, of course.

It is! Anna Barsukova.

Her soft green dress is mixed with fog green wristband. You can have this item with green chiffon fabric. Make it with few oversized in arm spot. As inner outfit, white long tanktop can cover your body when you wear green dress. High heels (3-4 is enough) will giving glam total look.

You know? I like pastel!!
Coz' pastel will bring you into pastellicious day with eye-catching look. .

*Try it and mix and matching it. . .:)*

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Vinda Sonata said...

pastels are great <3
thanks for the very nice review!

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