Tuesday, May 11, 2010

storical of baby blue : met the cute mimi

Have you ever think, you are loving someone and it's so unreplaceable for you??
I am not. . It still hardly saved in my super 'brain' memory. .
Just like Baby Blue. She loved Mimi 'till now, but Baby Blue must leave her . .

Let the story begin. .

Storical of Baby Blue : Met the Cute Mimi 

One day, Baby Blue went home after she walked around her town. She was happy 'coz she can met Kerop. When she arrived into her house, she got manequines. Baby Blue followed the manequines and she forgot that she have walked 2 miles from her house

Baby Blue was confused. The manequines stopped and Baby Blue found a pink tulip. The tulip can talk and Baby Blue is shocked!!

The tulip talk to Baby Blue and said, " You've met me. Tell me one of your wish. I will make it come true. ."

"Are you sure??? I want to have a friend who nice and kind and also cute like me," answered Baby Blue.

"Ok, if you just want it. You must walked around 2 miles again you will find a friend that you wished for. The key is your friend will answer your questions with just a word. ."

" Ok, thanks Mrs. Tulip!!"

Baby Blue walked and walked without tired. She walked even she was tired. And. . .

She met a BIG CREATURE/ animal!!!!
Baby Blue was shocked and she ran and ran. But Baby Blue stumbled and it's hard for standing up. .

Unbelievable! The creature is a kitten. The kitten helped Baby Blue to stand up and even kissed her!!
 So sweet. .

Baby Blue asked her question," What is your name??"
The kitten said, "Meawww. ."

Baby Blue asked again," Are you alone?"
The kitten said, "Meawww. ." again.
The last questions, Baby Blue asked,"Want you to go with me?"
The kitten said,"Meawww. ." in the third times. 

And Baby Blue said," Thanks Mrs. Tulip!! This is my new friend!!"
So they are going home together. .
After want home, Baby asked me what name is suitable with this cat??
I said. .
Cute pics of Mimi :


But, when I didn't know, my father put back Mimi coz' Mimi likes wild life than in my house. I must let her because she is better with her mom and siblings. 

We're still love you Mimi. Even Baby Blue!!
-The end-

9 creamillicious:

riumni said...

wow nice cat!
i like Mimi :)
i've linked you dear. :)

le pearl said...

So cute!!!! so so so so cute and adorable

I love it and your kitty <3 I am getting a kitty in 3 weeks hopefully ^-^

Audrey Allure said...

Cute cat!

Anonymous said...

mimi itu kucing kamu yah?
lucu banget kucingnya
btw, kamu tinggal di makasar?
wah aku setiap tahun ke sana ;)

Castor Pollux

Hartinah said...

ihh kucingnya lucuu amat!
saya juga punya kucing tapi boro" mau benerin boneka, kerjanya cuma makan tidur main makan zzzz
sala kenal. :D

F i K a said...

what a cute cat :)..

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

im not doing any link excahanges right now but thanks for asking!


Jessica said...

lol, nice story.. :)
wanna exchange links? why not ;p



oh my god mimi is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute !!! <3 <3 <3

ciao !

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