Friday, May 14, 2010

sweetie sticker zone

Dear Ice Cream Lovers,

Nothing makes me crazy!! I just want to say that I love stickers... FYI, it's can be your signature style... Like me! You know? Nothing impossible. Even you just buy stickers with $0.25 each, you can be stylish. .

You just need stickers and creativity!!

Check it out. . ^_^


Feels like it is not just a fashion, but it's style..!

 Japan ribbon added with sticker!! So cool sticky!!

Close up! 

Total outfits of the day!

white T-shirt        : unbranded
white belt              : unbranded
millitary trousers : unbranded

 So, sticky is my lovely!! ^_^v

6 creamillicious:

Jessica said...

ive linked you dear :)


F i K a said...

woow..sticker on your face?I just saw it..hehe

already linked you :)

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

@jessica : thanks jess. . ^_^
@ FiKa : stickers are boombastics!

Miss Rinda said...

halooo manda,,,,mksh udh mmpir k blog kk ^^

iya boleh kl mw tukeran link ^^

udh kk follow jg blognya ^^

u-ung said...

hahahhaa byk bgt tuh stikernya!!!ok I'll link u soon dear!!!btw..thx for dropped a comment in my post!!happy friendship!!

AlvianaKalin said...

cute face :):)


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