Friday, July 30, 2010

colorful corner

Hang out in weekend is one of girls must activity.. Same like me ^_^

And what do you think about this fashion aid? Include the duck, haha..
purple headband, Stroberi| colorful vest, cool teen| pink t-shirt, my mum | grey shorts, TANE| white belt, unbranded| black legging, my mum| white heels, monpari elegance|

Ok, and I want to tell you something that turned my simple day into awesome day!! Maybe....., what is that??
I'm featured in Teen Vogue's best dressed reader snapshot blog at HERE. Yay!! Check it out...
p/s : who can give me information about how to get snapshot badge? Thanks alot.
 and please score my latest contribution at hypeed by click this button please

notify: really sorry for those who score my hypeed but, I can't score you back :( because that night I wasn't feeling good (you know what I mean, right??)
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6 creamillicious:

Anonymous said...

cute outfit! congrats for being featured in teen vogue! ;)

Castor Pollux

Indy said...

What a great vest! This outfit is so hip!

Nici said...

like your colourful style and congrats for being the best dressed reader!


The F Word Online said...

congrats on the teen vogue feature girl !

xx lue

Anonymous said...

hi dear thanks for the sweet comment
congrats for the feature yaa :)

Andreia said...

ohhh cutie duck!!

i love the jacket!!

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