Friday, July 30, 2010

WIN Free teen vogue handbook

Maybe you will survey how much money to spend for buying a teen vogue handbook. Ok. +/- is $19.00 or you will borrow this stuff from your friend. And your friend will say this,

“How pity you’re. How shame you’re. How... How.. and How...” FINE. NO More “borrowing”! DONE. But then, you will think,”Yes, I’m shame, I’m pity, and I’m.......”cause I can’t read that book... HUA....*crying on*

Nope. You are not pity again. Not shame anymore. Not sadness else. And will happy again...

HOW??? With spending my pocket money for  A BOOK!! for A SPECIAL GUIDEBOOK to be fashionable??? Nope.  You must not to do that again..
 The awesome blogger Evita Nuh have a giveaway contest. And you can join it at HERE . . . You know what prize for this contest, right?

Closed on August 1st, 2010
 Hurry up coz I know you love this giveaway!!!

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