Friday, August 27, 2010

get a sweet things today

Hi, I want to tell you. I'm featured on Tongue In Chic Wearnesday and click HERE to see it more. .

I want to tell you what I got this day.

I got award from pensandlens and this is it!!

And she asked me questions for this and for those who get it must answer this. .
They are :
1. If your life were made into a movie, which actor/actress (from any era) would play you?

Exactly, I will be . . . Taylor Swift!! She's kind to anyone and she is a lovely one for me!!

2. What do you most enjoy about fashion blogging? 

I like to share, to ask, and I do this directly without thinking. So, let it become flowing water. And I do concern too even there are a looot of challenge, but I found who I am.

3.  What’s your favorite period of history?

When a Lady Diana made an influental way to dress up and she didn't afraid of her mother in law. She was dress up to date. Lol. 

4. Which fashion magazine(s) do you subscribe to?  

Teen Vogue!! It's a good forum too for finding fashion refference.

5. Celebrity dinner party: who would you invite? 

Hmm... Lady Gaga because of her unique fashion taste, Taylor Swift because of her vintage sense, Tavi Gevinson because of her amazing fashion blog, Alexander Wang because of his lovely collections, my blog readers, and my friends. . . :)

6. Which foreign country would you most like to visit? 

Japan and Aussie!! Japan has good view and culture. And I do like Aussie because of Kangaroo and I hope I can meet them. But, I like Indonesia to live. I found many challenges and socialism here. And my family is here. It's my home.

7. If money were no object, what would you buy?

An island in Dubai where I can take more photo shots for this blog :)

8. What inspires you?

My mum and all of things in my life.  

And this award given to:

Patricia from missypatricia
Sherlyn Lavenia from butterfly and me
Fika from Sweet Escape
Atikah from Breakfast with Tea
Riumni from Rainbows of Riumni
Intan from it's me
Becky from Try to be stylish

Really, I want to give it to all of bloggers, but I must give to -just- 10 bloggers. So, don't be sad if I didn't give it  to you because it's not depend on award, right?

Okay I have a great news for you!! You can win Samsung mobile from pensandlens (Gosh! I love it!!) for FREE by just clicking LIKE button in your facebook. Interesting? Click HERE
p.s: she has a bag too for the runner up!! Yippie!!


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3 creamillicious:

Benoit said...

Thank for ur comment :)


Sweet said...

Thanks for sharing love...

whehehehe you have great answers my dear...


Inttant Charunia said...

are you relly if this award given to me ? If 'yes' what should I do next ?

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