Sunday, August 15, 2010

outstanding weather

Maybe you will confuse with my post title. Yeah, outstanding weather is kinda just my own description. Finally, I found a way to dress comfortly in this unpredictable weather. It's just like how to do this ^-^

braids headband, Naughty| long shirt, Ninety Degrees| tank top, Nevada| denim trousers, Ninety Degrees| Shoes, Tracce|

 And I must snapped this two fashion item!!

Train necklace!! Is that girlie stuff? Just tell me by comments :)
This gray shoes is so comfort with soft material. . But it's my mum's, haha. . 

Ok, we're here. In my last words. I have contributed my picture at HYPEED and I hope you want to score it :) 

p/s : bad quality picture, isn't it?

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13 creamillicious:

Adele said...

You look lovely!

Adèle - moltocuriosa

Sweet said...

lovely shoes dear...

keep up the post!

d said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! as for yours, i love it! i'm going to follow you so hopefully you can return the favor (:

Riumni Oolya said...

tomboy loo! :)

Riumni Oolya said...

tomboy look i mean :D

Heather said...

very cute! I hate dressing in cold weather but I guess you have it sorted ;)

LA said...

You are soo cute!


Sher said...

So cute, especially with the lovely headband! I adore it:)


Victoria said...

I love those shoes, so cute. Reallyloving your blog too :)

If you get chance please take a look at my blog Thank you xxx

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

cute flats! i used to swap clothes and shoes w/my mom all the time when i lived w/my parents. double wardrobe was the best.

Sweet said...

just hyped you up love...take care


d said...

love the shots.. i'll follow you hopefully you can return the favor<3

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

Thanks for all comments :)

You all ROCK!!

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