Saturday, September 18, 2010

necklace giveaway

Hola! I really happy for today post. I don't know why, it seem so happy to give you giveaways and that's awesome, right? And I try to give something neutral. Just thinking that it's matchable and lovely :)

For anyone who's waiting for this, I really sorry. It's such a wasting time for waiting until today. I've promised since few months ago and I want to make it today. I also have a question in mandatory entry. "What is your favorite Canon EOS camera type?" Well, I can say I will save my money to have the camera :) and I need advices.

So, let's see what can you win :
Nefertiti Jewelz accessories!!

First winner will win Bridget cotton necklace

And the second winner will get a Jilly satin headband as your own choose

And just a simple way to join (it's mandatory):

 1. Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin  

2. Tell me what's your favorite Canon EOS camera type (by comment)

3. Fill your identity below:
Extra entries (leave your comment):
1. Tweet about this giveaway with hastag #icecreamyworldgift (give me your tweet link)- 1 extra entry/tweet

2. Follow my twitter @caramel_manda -2 extra entries

. it's open for Indonesia Region only
. it closed on November 10th 12.00 p.m GMT +8 (WITA) and the winner will announce on November 15th
. 2 winners will chosen by RANDOM
. If you're the winner, please respond my email within 1 month :)

Any questions? Email me : icecreamyworld[at]

Wish you luck :)

15 creamillicious:

Inttant Charunia said...

thanks for your giveaway news that you gave to me :) yeah, thats my new template

*Im your follower of your blog and your twitter.
*my favorite Canon EOS camera type is Canon EOS 550D. This became my favorite because it has a 18 MP resolution and capable of full HD format video recording. A feature rarely owned a DSLR camera in its class.
*Im was tweet about this

umm, you say if the winner will chosen by RANDOM. were randomized through what?

thanks before
♥ Inttant Charunia
♥ Twitter @InttantCha

Sherlyn Lavenia said...

1. following your blog
2. my fave Canon EOS camera type is EOS 1000D. because it's cheap but has a high quality result

Anonymous said...

I'm in camera review.
Winner will chosen by RANDOM?

Anonymous said...

you are a complete disaster girl. you definitely need to stop being stuck-up cause people would choose to laugh at you than giving you compliments. you're not even fashionable. those stuff you're showing off is not worth. in fashion industry they would be just like poops. sorry, and good luck. you're welcome

Anonymous said...

My proposal:
Canon Eos camera
type is Canon EOS 50D(15.1MP)or 70D18MP).More expensive models Canon EOS 5D(24MP)

Couture Carrie said...

What a gorgeous necklace, darling!


Regine Fiorenza said...

Fabulous giveaway!

anyway, I've followed your blog and twitter account :)

Hmm, I don't know much about cameras, but I may suggest you to buy CANON EOS 500D since it's not very expensive compared to other cameras and also, if you're still a beginner in photography, CANON EOS 500D is highly recommended.

-regine :)

Heather said...

oh, wish I could enter...

eelectroCutee said...

*already followed your blog :)
* I google it because I dont own Canon myself.. I'm using pocket camera
all info about cannon can you find here
but I came accross to this that Canon EOS 1000D is pretty affordable and easy to use.

*tweeted about your giveaway by username tika_margareth

*followed your twitter by username tika_margareth

I have a question for you.. how can you pick a winner through random? cause I see on your comment there are some comment that can't be categorized as joining this giveaway..
thx :)

Sweet said...

will be coming back tomorrow...still busy with loads of work loads just trying to squeeze in my blog visits :D


Tights Lover said...

Great giveaway!

Isabel said...

i cant enter..but good luck everyone :)

Audrey Allure said...

Great giveaway!

Monik said...

1. Follow via GFC as Monik.
2. My favorite Canon EOS camera type of course my baby 40D.
3. Tweet about this giveaway, here.
4. Follow your twitter as @monikaretnani.

Holly Anne said...

my favorite eos type is the rebel xti because that is the only one i have tried out. i just won an elan iie on ebay yesterday so i have high hopes that i will love that one as much as my rebel!

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